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Nubeero is a consultancy and technology intermediation service provider

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What we do

We provide innovative solutions for insurance, business process optimization & ecommerce services. Our promise is that we are growth enablers serving the needs of the industries in which we play.


Insurance Tech

We are using deep learning trained artificial intelligence (AI) to handle the tasks of brokers and find the right mix of policies to complete an individual’s coverage


Merchant Services

Maximize your business’s operations with innovative and trusted merchant services, payment processing services and solutions.



We are positioned to help business take advantage of emerging technologies as well as the ability to absorb the technology and perform corresponding R&D activities

Innovative solutions for Insurtech

Our AI powered platform manages the insurance portfolio of average citizens in these countries based on environmental risk factors


AI powered platform

Our research also focuses on engineering our AI platform to address the need to build the public trust in the local insurance landscape by providing simplified consumer education and gather feedback from customers for continuous improvement.

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Our Insurtech product is an easy to use platform for getting various types of insurance cover ranging from Motor, Accident, Health, Life insurance and other types. We choose the best available insurance products from various trusted Insurance partners and provide the avenue to book new Policies, Cancel existing Policies, renew expired policies and view general policy information.

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Omni Platform to manage policies

We pull disparate policies into one platform for management and monitoring, creating on-demand insurance for micro-events like borrowing a friend's car, and the adoption of the peer-to-peer model to both create customized group coverage and incentivize positive choices through group rebates

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How we are shaping the Industry

Nubeero offers simple, effective & end-to-end service offerings. We offer the platforms to power micro insurance solutions.

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